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fionaFiona has a hands-on, creative approach that is practical and direct, that not only works on the current issues, illness or problems but seeks to discover the source of them. She has worked with kinesiology for over ten years and has developed a flexible, responsive approach that suits the needs of each individual.  She is a fully qualified Holistic Kinesiologist, Creative Kinesiologist, a Kinesiology Federation Professional and also a Foundation and Professional Level Holistic Kinesiology teacher.Fiona is particularly interested in working with Chronic Fatigue, digestion / bowel problems and emotional issues.

Holistic Kinesiology is an effective and hands-on therapy that uses a wide range of powerful treatments and corrections to address all aspects of imbalance from physical to psychological, nutritional to emotional to energetic.  It is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is combined with Western techniques to harmonise the natural flow of energy that facilitates well being.Some of the treatment techniques used include postural alignment, acupressure point work, lymphatic work, massage, detoxifying, site specific pressure points, de-stressing and emotional investigation.