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Julie Osborne

BSc(Hons), MNIMH

Julie studied Phytotherapy at Napier University gaining an Honours degree in Herbal Medicine in 2006.   After which she began Julie@Herbalistapractising as a herbalist in both Edinburgh and Dunfermline.   She is a member of the National Institute of Herbal Medicine(MNIMH), the leading professional body representing qualified herbalists worldwide.

Her primary motivation to become a herbalist originated in her love of plants and  from a desire to promote ‘wellness’.   She became involved in complementary medicine in Edinburgh during her studies managing a chiropractic and massage clinic.   Julie also was responsible for dispensing herbal medicine and giving advice on the dispensary floor at Napier’s.

She has developed a particular interest in stress and anxiety disorders, digestive problems and hormonal conditions and can provide advice and support for ailments that affect people of all ages.

Find out more about Julie at www.herbalista.co.uk